Our Values

We are a…

Jesus Movement

A commitment to gospel theology expressed in the Lausanne Covenant.

We will focus our movement collaboration on primary theology while respecting our differences on secondary issues. Since only Jesus brings hope, salvation, purpose and renewal we are a movement that is obsessed with knowing, exalting, teaching and following Jesus so that all people have an opportunity to encounter Him through a local expression of His family.

Relational Movement

A commitment to show up in both friendship and partnership.

We will show up to network meetings, and make intentional efforts to cultivate trusting friendships with other pastors that translate in to actual tangible mission together. Since we are united to each other through the resurrection of Jesus we connect to each other on a relational level (church to church, pastor to pastor, friend to friend, team to team). These connections empower and provide support so that churches never feel like they’re alone in a foreign land.

Innovative Movement

A commitment to diverse incarnation in “every nook and cranny.”

We will innovate ways to see the Kingdom of God influence our communities that include but go beyond church planting. The local church functions best within a local context. We believe the Holy Spirit is always looking for new ways to express the life of Christ in a community and so we are committed to “fan into flame” new ways of being the Church in our local contexts.

Reproducing Movement

A commitment to multiply disciples, communities, and churches.

We will multiply the churches at every level with a commitment to residencies as the primary vehicle to multiply. We create simple systems to encourage reproduction on every level including individual missionaries, disciple making small groups, and missional communities.

Sending Movement

A commitment to generosity with time, money, and people.

We will give an initial buy in of $5000 to our local networks with a dream of our churches tithing 10% + as we mature. We are committed to teaching, training and resourcing people so that they are equipped to go and we celebrate the sending and successes of church planting teams whenever there is an opportunity to do so.